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      Steel Skeleton SeriesPE SeriesDrainpipe Series
      double-wall bellow with higher density polyethylene (HDPE)
      High density polyethylene (HDPE) double wall bellows is a complete set of production equipment and technology introduced by our company, produced by high density polyethylene as the main raw material, smooth inner wall, outer wall corrugated, inner and ou
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      Product Details
      Product advantages
      1. Not easy to leak, long service life: double layer pipe wall is hard, using natural rubber seal ring flexible connection, reliable connection, not easy to leak, good low temperature impact resistance, service life up to 50 years.
      2. Good flexibility, not easy to deform: the double-layer pipe wall is adopted for the bell mouth, which is expanded online and formed in one time during production, which avoids the deformation characteristics of single-layer pipe wall due to its thin wall.
      3. Light weight, convenient installation: the product is light in weight, convenient in handling and connection, fast in construction and simple in maintenance.

      Product specifications: 

      Size DN/ID Pipe Inner Diameter d≥ Pipe OD de≥ Depth of the socket Ls≥ Socket diameter D≥
      200 195 226 150 242
      225 221 260 150 260
      300 296 338 153 342
      400 392 458 230 463
      500 491 578 260 563
      600 595 695 220 665
      800 785 910 220 890

      Comprehensive comparison between PE double - walled tube and other tubes
      Items PE double wall bellows PVC-U Coagulation and tube
      corrosion resistance 在海水及酸、堿士壤中不會被腐蝕,抗酸堿腐蝕能力強 較好 不耐酸喊腐蝕,嚴重者將產生泄露告成地下水污染
      impact resistance 耐中擊性好 在硬物沖擊下有破裂、短裂危險,耐中擊性差 較好
      Flexibility Good flexibility, seismic section uneven settlement when not broken, suitable for any soil Better not good
      application property Saving mechanical cost, convenient connection, guaranteed construction quality in winter (minimum construction temperature up to minus 30°C), good construction, especially suitable for northern China Rubber sealing ring or adhesive connection is adopted, which is convenient for construction but difficult to ensure the construction quality in winter (minimum construction temperature 5°C) Heavy material, inconvenient transportation construction, poor manual connection
      Economy The comprehensive cost is low The comprehensive cost is low Low cost of materials but high cost of operation and maintenance
      sanitary property Non-toxic and pollution-free, sanitary property as the best When the waste pipe is burned, it will release heavy metal smoke and pollute the environment There will be leakage phenomenon, pollution of the environment
      Service life More than 50 years 50 years 10-20 years

      Performance index of polyethylene (PE) double wall bellows
      Items performance evaluation
      Appearance Obvious impurities and irregular ripples in the inner and outer walls of the pipe are not allowed. Both ends of the pipe should be flat and perpendicular to the axis and located in the trough area of the pipe. The inner and outer walls of the trough area of the pipe should be fused tightly, and it is not easy to break away
      ring-stiffness,KN/m SN4 ≥4
      SN8 ≥8
      Flexible ring The specimen is smooth, no reverse bending, no rupture, no separation of the two walls
      Oven test No bubbles, no delamination, no cracking
      Impact Testing,(TIR )/% ≤10
      Creep Rate <4



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